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Food Grade. 100% Natural. Safe for people, pets, livestock and the environment.

Can be drying and irritating to eyes and lungs if inhaled in large amounts.

Protect your pet's eyes and lungs by avoiding clouds of powder around the head area.

How to use Diatomaceous Earth as a Natural Pesticide

- Natural Flea Control in Your Home

- Control Ants Indoors

- Treat Ant Hills with DE

- Diatomaceous Earth on Ant Trails

-  Kill Bed Bugs with DE

- Natural Roach Repellent

- Natural Spider Repellent

- How to Treat Ticks with DE

- DE as a Natural Fly Repellent

- Using DE as a Natural Aphid Control

- Natural Scorpions Killer

- Kill Wasps and Hornets with DE

- Treat Slugs with Diatomaceous Earth

- Protect your Tomato Plant

- Protect Fruit Trees from Bugs

- Natural Flea Control for Dogs

- Natural Flea Control for Cats

- Feed Cats and Dogs DE

- Save Chickens from Mites and Lice

- DE the Natural Dewormer

- How to Feed DE to Livestock

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