• $19.95

We care and want to offer only the very best for Mom & Baby!

To help lessen stretch marks, apply the cream to the belly, thighs, and lower back area several times per day to moisturize and improve the skin's elasticity.

Baby bump cream can be used on the baby's bottom to protect from diaper rash.

My granddaughter loves to put Baby Bump Cream on all her boo boo's.

I call on Baby Bump Cream when Jaxson (my new dog) is excited to see me and scratch my face & arms with his claws. The scratches are usually gone by the next day and my face does not break out! Yay!

It contains Organic Raw Cocoa Butter, Organic Organic (unrefined) Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil (cold-pressed), Lanolin, Vitamin E, Lavender and Beeswax. 

We are pretty sure you can find other uses for baby bump cream!

Handmade in small batches and sold in an amber glass jar or a white plastic jar, depending upon our jar stock.