Aromatherapy Classes

Aromatherapy Classes

  • $150.00

Learning and education are emphasized at Tammy’s Natural Essentials. We want to make sure people are aware of the uses and safely handle essential oils (plant medicine). We encourage you to grow in your knowledge and understanding of these beautifully created aromatic oils by offering hands-on classes. You will learn dilution rates, blending factors, safety information, therapeutic uses and so much more while creating products to take home with you.

Wednesday Night Aromatherapy, these classes are in a group setting with like-minded individuals. If you are interested in a daytime class, in a one-on-one setting please contact Tammy.

November 2020 Schedule
All classes must be taken in order

November 4th  #1 Class Intro to Aromatherapy and Fighting Germs 

November 11th  #2 Class essential oils for wound care and digestion issues

November 18th #3 Class essential oils for Anxiety, stress, anger, grief, etc. 

November 25th (date subject to change)  #4 Class essential oils for pain management.  


  • Group classes start at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Wednesday evenings unless otherwise noted.
  • You are welcome to bring drinks & snacks.
  • If you wish to purchase anything, all students receive 10% off your entire purchase. You may choose to shop before or after class.
  • Full payment is required to start the first class. Group discount of $150 per person. Individual class sessions are $165.00.
  • If you are interested in creating your own group class with family or friends, we require a group of 5 students. 
  • If you are unable to attend a scheduled class, we can place you in another class at a different time and day.
  • If you need to cancel all together before you start the classes, your payment will be refunded.
  • In the event, we must cancel the class we will refund your money.
  • It is of value to build your learning library from reputable sources, Tammy will provide a folder & class notes, always bring your folder to add new notes, along with a calculator, pen, and notebook.

About the instructor:

Tammy Smith is a Certified Herbalist, Aromatherapist & Holistic Health Consultant also registered with AHG (American Herbalist Guild) and NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) Tammy has been offering Natural Medicine to our community since 2013 and classes for beginners and advance in both Herbalism and Aromatherapy while being available for Holistic Consultations. 

To sign up for classes, you can stop by Tammy’s Natural Essentials 1 Oakley Plaza, Troy, MO, pay over the phone (636) 528-7627, or visit our website.