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 Excellent support for toenail, fingernail and skin health. Tammy Tested and Approved!

Contains: Essential Oils: Tea Tree Melaluca alternifolia, Chamomile (Roman) Anthemis noblis, 

Apply 2-3 times a day to clean, dry nails and skin. Avoid when pregnancy, Possible skin irritant. 

For nail fungus, you didn't get it over night so it won't go away overnight!  Allow up to 6 months for the nail to grow out. 

For Athletes feet, this is not a preventative spray, it only has one purpose and that is to help rid the area of fungus. Use only when needed. 

We recommend: 

  1. Keep feet dry & clean
  2. Try not to wear the same shoes two days in a row (if you have to then put corn starch or a medicated powder in shoes overnight).
  3. Wear White cotton socks
  4. Allow feet to breathe, (try to avoid shoes or socks for an hour or two a day, longer if possible).

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