Herbal Pimple Juice


  • $16.50

Our Herbal Pimple Juice: Is an Aromatic Herbal Blend that is known to help soothe irritated, inflamed or infected pimples.

As often as possible, apply pimple juice directly on the blemish, using a cotton ball or Qtip. For additional help mix with French Green Clay to create a paste then apply directly to blemish, leave on over night. Avoid contact with eyes, for external use only.

It is best to cleanse your face with a gentle pH balancing cleanser.  We offer our  Neem Soap & Shampoo base. We also recommend a gentle pH balancing moisturizer, which you will find in our Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Serum or Moisturizing Skin Spray. All 3 products are designed for problem skin.

Contains: Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Golden Seal Root, Echinacea Root, Black Walnut Hull & Myrrh Gum.

Avoid contact with eyes & clothing it may stain material.

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