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Recently (September 2021) I was blessed with a really cool forever friend, his name is Jaxson. He is a 7 month old German Shepherd (possibly mixed but I will find out soon).

When Jaxson first came into my life he had major separation anxiety and a few health concerns, but all he knew is he is changing families. 

Bless his heart! He needs a little help!.  So yep, you guessed it, I was able to create a blend for topical application to help Jaxson "Chill Out" so he can get his rest and not be so "Nervous".

The first day/evening with Jaxson I soon discovered he did not like to be left alone. He would howl and carry on, just like he did with the previous owners.  I had to apply Jaxson's Blend 3 times the first day as it tends to wear off. Jaxson's Blend is amazing and did exactly what I created it to do and for this reason, I don't mind applying it a little more often in an acute situation.

Over the next few days  I was able to lower my applications from 3 to 1 time a day or as needed to calm Jaxson down. I will keep Jaxon's Blend handy when 4th of July comes around or if I need to help my granddaughter "Chill Out".... Hmmm I wonder if that would work for children with ADD or ADHD? I feel it's worth a try! 

As Jaxson learns to trust me and I him, he will know his momma makes plant medicine and isn't afraid to use it! As most of you may know, I am a huge dog lover and want to provide safe, pet friendly product for my two dogs and yours. 

Between Jaxson and Chance (my toy poodle who is 14 years old) I'm sure they will keep me busy  adding new products to our pet care product line.

This product has been tested and approved by Tammy & Jaxson to help with anxiety. Designed for topical application.  Follow the direction that are on the label and always avoid eye contact and keep out of reach of children and pets.

This product contains the whole plant infused into Organic Olive Oil. There is no hiding the Lavender but the rest is an herbalist secret (wink).

Sold in an amber glass dropper bottle for external use only! For humans, you could put this in a roller ball and apply it to the same areas.