Oils Of The Bible Kit

Oils Of The Bible Kit

  • $99.50

Tammy's Oils of the Bible Kit are hand poured to order.

Kit includes a Plastic compartment carrying box.

2 ml Cassia

2 ml Cedarwood

2 ml Frankincense

2 ml Cypress

2 ml Hyssop

2 ml Myrrh

2 ml Benzoin

2 ml Spikenard

2 ml Myrtle

2 ml Cinnamon leaf

2 ml Galbanum

2 ml Fir

Carrier oil: 2 oz Coconut oil

Bottles & Droppers:


(1) 5 ml roller bottle

(2) 2 ml mixing bottle

(12) Plastic eye droppers.

Caution: - Keep out of reach of children. - Not for internal use. - Dilute essential oils before applying to the skin. - Avoid during pregnancy.

The picture does not show all that is in the kit. We are in the process of updating this photo. 

Aromatherapy: Inhalation & Application of genuine therapeutic grade essential oils. Use caution, safety information included.