• $54.99

Portable electric fan diffuser for use with Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils.

Discover aromatherapy with the easy to use electric aroma diffuser. Simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the reusable pads and enjoy!

This aromatherapy diffuser is powerful enough to scent a large room (500-800 sq ft), at high speed and a small room (300-600 sq ft) at low speed. A clean, safe effective way of diffusing pure essential oils without heat, water, or an annoying light. 

A stream of air diffuses pure essential oils, ensuring the purity of the aroma. The fan-fuser can be left unattended while you sleep and is ideal for use in a bedroom. This portable aroma diffuser is also suitable for the home or office, dorm, hospice, and nursing homes.

Tammy's Tips: This unit comes with (2) filters. When I am done with a filter and want to change the aroma, I place the used filter in a zip lock bag and label it with the oils I used, such as our 4 T's mixture. Take it back out when ready and just freshen it up.

I'd also recommend putting the diffuser on a timer so that it will turn on and off at a certain time when needed. 

Includes 2 long-lasting reusable fragrance pads. Easy to follow instructions and helpful hints on creating a pleasant aroma. Works with thick or thin oils.