Dead Sea Mineral Milk Bath

Dead Sea Mineral Milk Bath

  • $9.00

 This 100% organic, dead sea salt buttermilk blend will Uplift, restore and revive you in a full body bath or foot soak. This creamy milk bath that brings instant calm to irritated skin. This Buttermilk bath is pure wholesome goodness - down to the dead sea minerals that soothes upset skin and reduces inflammation and swelling. The fine sifted dead sea mineral milk bath is rich in twenty essential amino acids, vitamins and the sweet buttery fats that make milk the ultimate skin softener.

A warm bath with our unique Relaxing blend of essential oils helps calm your senses as milk proteins, dead sea salt and chamomile help nourish your skin.

  • 100% pure essential oils blends - Produces a calming aroma; helps you to relax
  • Milk Proteins and Calcium Lactate - skin nourishing and conditioning
  • Almond and Olive Oil - skin nourishing and rejuvenating
  • Chamomile extract - skin soothing

*Try adding a few drops of our Calming Essential Oil Mixture, to this bath!