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Tammy's Natural Essentials uses fresh herbs when available for our herbal infused oils. We do the time tested approach by allowing the herb to infuse/extract for at least 8 weeks. Herbal infused oils are  great to add to massage oils, balms, butter or salves to enhance their therapeutic benefits or use as is for skin application.

Cottonwood/Balsam poplar is a tree that can grow up to 30-100 feet tall. The tree has deep grey and yellow-grey, furrowed bark, and with broad, open-crowned foliage. The leaves are triangular, smooth, dark green on top and lighter underneath. The winter/spring leaf buds are resinous, aromatic, and reddish brown.  It is a common tree throughout the Pacific NW. And due to winter storms, limbs are often found on the ground making harvesting much easier.

Part of plant used: Buds,gently dried or fresh 

Harvest Time: Typically harvested during January and February. Gather when buds are still closed. Good to gather when it is cold as this will keep the resin hard. If gathered during warm weather, resin begins to exude from bud.

Therapeutic benefits:
Cottonwood is rich in a balsamic resin which acts as a topical anti-inflammatory. It is specific for the muscular skeletal system as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory herbal oil.

Cottonwood herbal oil is indicated for:

  • Arthritic joints
  • Sprains, strains, hyper-extensions
  • Pain caused by inflammation
  • Pain and swelling

 Contains: Cottonwood buds, Organic Olive Oil