Cedarwood & Sage Herbal Soap

Cedarwood & Sage Herbal Soap

  • $6.00

Our new line of Herbal Soaps help to soothe and calm the skin while clearing the mind. Cedarwood & Sage combined is clean, fresh and a little on the masculine side. Both men and women love the aroma. 

Aromatic applications: Essential oils are more than just a smell good aroma, they are plant medicine (inhalation & application). 

Cedarwood-  (Antiseptic, soothing, spiritual, masculine) for the skin: acne and oily skin, and chronic conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis. For mind and emotions: calming, stabilizes energies when out of balance, meditation, anxiety. Lymph system: sluggish lymph, decongestant, cellulite, edema

Sage- (Refreshing, cooling  & warming) For the skin: wound healing, regenerative skin care. For mind and emotions: Promotes wisdom, quickens the senses and the memory. 

Together we have a wonderful bar of soap.

4.5-5 oz bar   


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