21 Day Cleanse

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Excerpted from 10 Essential Herbs by Lalitha Thomas and The Earthwise Herbal by Matthew Wood

Natural Treatment

The following 21-day Chaparral Cleanse will give your health a superb boost. It works well as a yearly “tune-up” and many people swear by using Chaparral in this way once or twice a year keeps their immune system strong. Any long-term health annoyances such as skin problems, recurring aches and pains, female organ troubles- anything that is the result of an ongoing toxic build-up in the blood will be positively addressed by this Chaparral Cleanse.


·         Put 1 teaspoon Chaparral (not powdered) in a cup. Add 1 cup of very warm, but not boiling pure water. Cover and let stand overnight, strain out the Chaparral, and drink the remaining liquid on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

·         Do not throw the Chaparral away! Cover it again, immediately, with 1 cup of very warm water and leave it until the next morning when you will again strain it and drink the liquid, first thing, on an empty stomach.

·         For a third time, over the same Chaparral herbs with 1 cup very warm water. Let it sit covered until the next morning, strain out the herb and drink it first thing on an empty stomach.

·         After this third use, throw the herb away.

In the evening of that third-cup day, start the process over with a fresh teaspoon of Chaparral and use that teaspoon of herb for three cups of tea as you did before. Continue this process for twenty-one days.

What to Expect

Chaparral stinks and it tastes downright unpleasant. Because of the bad taste, many people prefer to use the capsules or a tincture (extract), but the tea is considered to be the most effective preparation. Eva Graf (1978) learned from a Native American practitioner in the Southwest how to prepare this powerful medicine. It was emphasized to her that many people do not get the results they want because they use chaparral incorrectly. The correct method is called the “twenty-one-day cleanse.”

You can expect a slow and steady cleansing and strengthening of the blood and all its support system, especially the liver, kidneys, lungs and lymph. You will notice that the flavor and aroma of the tea gets lighter on each succeeding day of the 3-day cycle, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it is less potent. The properties of the Chaparral are being extracted in different combinations during the cycle, which means a more balanced overall use.

 Anytime you are cleansing the body of toxic build-up, especially as in the 21-day Cleanse described here, there are usually emotional counterparts and memories that have been locked into the tissues which are cleansed along with the physical poisons. It is not uncommon to re-experience memories, emotions, odors, and even cravings for those substances that were present when the toxins were first introduced into the system. This is part of the cleansing from the blood and body tissue.  If you notice this, it is recommended just letting the memories and sensation pass on through. Don’t pay undue attention to them. By analogy, pus will simply drain from a lanced wound, but you wouldn’t mourn the loss of the pus. If extra help is needed to cope with the process, speak with a close friend or professional counselor.

Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy. Individuals with kidney or liver disease should seek advice from a healthcare practitioner before use.

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